1.Design The Shape Of Mold: according to the requirements of the use of detailed understanding of mold product parameters. Such as: specification size; Length; The shape and structure of the product (the size of the product and the difficulty of the structure will directly affect the cost of mold customization), followed by the processing quality of the mold, the use of the basic requirements, the two sides to determine the design of the next step.

2.Extrusion:Extrusion is processed by machine, and the precision of the extruded products is high; The surface quality of the products is good, which greatly improves the deformation ability of aluminum, and improves the utilization rate and yield of metal materials. The extruded product has higher strength and better performance than the product produced by other methods.

3.Aluminum Deep Process: In conventional method is difficult to machining the complexity of surface, even some unable to observation of machining parts, and there are many varieties, small batch production cases high production efficiency, can reduce the production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process the test of time, and due to the use of optimal cutting quantity and reduces the cutting time, processing quality and stability at the same time, the machining accuracy is high, high repeat precision. It is suitable for new product development and modification.

4.Surface Treatment:remove the oxide film on the surface of aluminum profile products, whether it is naturally formed oxide film or anodic oxide film can be completely removed after sandblasting treatment. This is also the reason why the sandblasting process is before the anodic oxidation process, followed by preparation for other surface treatment processes, the electroplating force of the aluminum profile after sandblasting treatment is stronger, and the surface of the product is improved at the same time. Eliminate fatigue stress and prolong service life.

5.Oxidation Anodized:after the oxidation of the metal material is relatively stable, not easy to react in the air, and the hardness is generally increased, such as alumina is dense, but also protect the aluminum from corrosion. Secondly, improve the wear resistance, aluminum profile base material is particularly easy to scratch and wear, aluminum alloy hardness can not be compared with steel after all. An anodized industrial aluminum profile has a very hard surface. At the same time to improve the insulation; Finally, lay a base for the spray paint.

6.Cutting: the cutting precision of profiles will directly affect the Angle precision and Angle strength of aluminum, and then affect the dimensional accuracy and Angle accuracy of finished aluminum.

7.Cutting: the cutting precision of profiles will directly affect the Angle precision and Angle strength of aluminum, and then affect the dimensional accuracy and Angle accuracy of finished aluminum.

8.Drilling: to facilitate the customer's later installation and stitching of the processing.

9.Wire drawing: handle surface scars, at the same time make the product become more high-grade, beautiful, silver oxide white with sand silver is the most common surface treatment, after the wire drawing is more grade.

10.Electrophoresis: Transparent coating, high ornamental and can be excellent aluminum itself of metallic luster to provide corrosion protection of the metal, to ensure that the coating of high decorative and high corrosion resistance, due to the resin with highly transparent, effectively good metal texture, can also according to need to be decorative effect, such as inferior smooth, the sand surface, the pearl and give it a certain decorative, And the precision of the requirements of the product has the best adaptability.

11.Spraying: atomization fully, and the appearance of coating film is adornment effect is good, but for complex workpiece edge part of the spraying effect is very good also, coating adhesion, gloss is relatively high, from the point of technology itself, has the very high science and technology, deployment of color coating, produce different color adornment effect, more in line with the needs of the interior decoration, It is also consistent with the trend of indoor development of the application of aluminum profiles in the construction industry.