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For product structure design engineers, although we don’t design aluminum extrusion dies, understanding the most basic extrusion die structure and the mechanism of how to shape different extrusions can help in extrusion When designing press parts, optimize the design to reduce mold cost and improve the production efficiency of extruded parts.
1 What is an extrusion die?
The extrusion die is basically a thick circular steel plate containing one or more openings to form the desired profile. They are usually made of H-13 die steel and have been heat treated to withstand the pressure and heat of the hot aluminum as it passes through the die.
1 Classification of extrusion dies
According to the cross-sectional shape of aluminum extrusions, the corresponding molds are divided into three categories: solid molds, semi-hollow molds and hollow molds. Among them, the hollow mold has the most complicated structure, is easy to wear and break, and has the highest cost.
3 The life of the extrusion die
The heat accumulation and uneven pressure caused by the design of aluminum extrusion parts (such as thin walls, uneven wall thickness and prominent features) are the biggest killers of extrusion die life.
Experienced extrusion mold engineers can design molds to control heat and uneven pressure, and reduce the extrusion speed to extend the life of the mold, but eventually the mold must be replaced.
Before designing aluminum extrusion parts, product structure design engineers should understand which design features will most significantly affect mold processing costs. When possible, changing the design of the aluminum extrusion section, setting appropriate tolerances, and selecting appropriate aluminum alloy materials can save the processing cost of aluminum extrusion molds.

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