Check the reason why the aluminum heat sink is not hot

The aluminum heat sink is not hot, which may be one of the following reasons:
    (1) The resistance is large. In a parallel system, this problem may occur when the radiator is replaced privately. The resistance is large, the hot water flow is small, and the heat dissipation is reduced;
    (2) The heat medium water temperature is low, and the heat dissipation is small. The standard heat dissipation commonly used by our radiators is measured at the inlet temperature of 95°C, the outlet temperature of 70°C, and the room temperature at 18°C. If the inlet temperature of 70°C, the outlet temperature The heat dissipation is about 40% lower when the temperature is 55℃ and the room temperature is 18℃;
    (3) The water pressure is low. At the far end or high place of the parallel system, the water pressure is low, the hot water is insufficient, and the heat dissipation is low;
    (4) Different water inlet and outlet connection methods also reduce heat dissipation. It is best to enter and exit from the top, and the radiator is lowered by about 20% when tested under different conditions;
    (5) Air blocking, you can open the air-conditioning valve to exhaust the air in the radiator and then close it;
    (6) Partial blockage in the radiator;
    (7) There are fewer radiator fins designed or installed, and the total heat dissipation capacity is not enough;
    (8) There is a heating cover, which often reduces the heat dissipation by about 20%;
    (9) The doors and windows are ventilated.

    At present, the commonly used heat sink materials are copper and aluminum alloy, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Copper has good thermal conductivity, but the price is more expensive, the radiator is difficult to process, the weight is too large (many pure copper radiators exceed the weight limit of the CPU), the heat capacity is small, and it is easy to oxidize.
    The radiator is a collective term for a series of devices used to conduct and release heat. At present, radiators mainly include heating radiators and computer radiators. Among them, radiators can be divided into several types according to materials and working modes, and computer radiators can be divided into several types according to usage and installation methods.

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