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The "2011 7th Beijing International LED Exhibition" co-sponsored by the National High-tech Enterprise Development LED Professional Committee, Beijing Economic and Information Commission, and Beijing Jingmao Exhibition Co., Ltd. was held on May 6, 2011 in Beijing? China The grand opening of the International Exhibition Center. With the theme of "Creative Green Future", this exhibition set up three major professional exhibition areas: LED chips/packages/equipment, LED advertising signs/display technology/backlight, LED lighting, etc., bringing together Shenzhen Kemeixin, Shenzhen Huahai, Shenzhen Decai, Beijing Caixun, Quanzhou Cailiang, Shenzhen Guangnair, Shenzhen Yuanxing, Shenzhen Trina, Beijing Caiyida, Fujian Tide, Chongqing Malata, Dongguan Fuhua, Shandong Baosida, Shenzhen Ladia , Beijing Shenan, Beijing Chuangying, Ningbo Donghai, Zhuhai Huaermei, Shenzhen Guanke, Shenzhen Orende, Taiwan Adiou, Taiwan Lijun, Hangzhou Zhongwei, THK China, German ISG, Japan Guangchi, Shenzhen A large number of well-known companies with industry-leading technology at home and abroad, such as Dongfang Yuzhiguang, Hunan Yujing, Shenzhen Hanzu, Shenzhen Cuitao, etc., exhibited the most advanced products, technologies, materials, and equipment in various fields of the LED industry at this stage. Established a one-stop purchasing and trading platform for the upstream, middle and downstream industrial chain of the LED industry.
The successful external publicity and influence of the exhibition attracted the attention of many media. A large number of news reports about the exhibition appeared on TV, newspapers and the Internet. In particular, CCTV not only sent staff to interview on-site, but also reported on CCTV4 China News. This exhibition. The ability to receive attention and reports from China Central Television (the highest-level television media organization in China) highlights the leading position of the Beijing International LED Exhibition (CILED) among the same industry exhibitions in northern China.
◆Exhibition outlook:
A new starting point, a new journey! With the theme of "Creative Green Future", CILED 2012 will move its exhibition location to the New China International Exhibition. The scale of the exhibition will continue to expand on the original basis. It will interpret the future development of the entire LED industry with a global perspective, and strive to build the LED industry. One-stop purchasing and trading platform. During the exhibition, thematic exhibition activities such as "2012 Beijing International Advertising Four New Exhibition", "2012 Beijing International Low-Carbon Lighting Exhibition", "2012 Beijing International OLED Exhibition" and other theme exhibitions will be held to create a grand event for LED product applications. In order to better highlight the diversity of this exhibition, during the exhibition will also arrange "2012 China LED Industry Development Summit Forum" and a number of high-level "Procurement Matchmaking Fair" and other activities, in order to accelerate the promotion of my country's LED industry innovation Provide a good platform for development. CILED 2012 will be more brilliant and brilliant because of your participation!

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aluminum profile for led lighting