Aluminum frame|The difference between profile aluminum square pass and U-shaped aluminium square pass

There are many types of aluminium square pass ceilings, U-shaped aluminium square pass, profile aluminum square pass, profile square tube, as well as grooved grooved circular tube ceiling, machine-drawn circular tube, wing-shaped profile ceiling, etc., so today's focus Describe the difference between profile aluminum square pass and U-shaped aluminum square pass.
The difference between the profile aluminum square pass and the U-shaped aluminum square pass: as the name suggests, the U-shaped aluminum square pass has a U-shaped incision like the letter "U". The product has three sides and one side is open. So strict, the thickness of aluminum square pass products is generally thinner than that of profiles. In the industry, it is generally called "U-shaped aluminum square pass, U-shaped groove aluminum square pass, aluminum hanging strip". The main feature of the profile aluminum square tube is that the product is a closed four-sided rectangular square tube with grooves or spit grooves, the thickness of the product is thick, and the production has requirements.
U-shaped aluminum square pass; generally it is extruded from coil material, and there are also U-shaped aluminum square pass of special size, which is made of aluminum plate and bent by a bending machine!
In fact, the processing of aluminum square pass and aluminum veneer is much easier. First, in the sheet metal workshop, the aluminum square pass product is extruded according to the size of the drawing, and the error is reduced by adjusting the mold and pressure. This is the sheet metal stage, referred to as blank.
After the product is formed, it is washed with water to remove impurities and oil stains on the surface of the product, and then further inspection, some need to be polished, and the smooth surface can make the paint firmly adsorb on the surface of the product. This is the basic step to make aluminum square pass corrosion resistant!
Finally, it enters the automatic spraying workshop and sprays powder paint. After automatically entering the drying room to dry, the color difference is detected. The defective products may need to be returned to the furnace and re-sprayed. After confirmation, they can be packaged and shipped.
The aluminum square pass ceiling has different space options, and can be installed in combination with the modeling board to make the site effect more distinctive. Simple and convenient installation and disassembly, it has become popular in the building materials decoration market in recent years. Aluminum square pass ceiling system is widely used in: airports, stations, shopping malls, restaurants, halls, supermarkets, corridors, entertainment centers and other public places.

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