Aluminum frame|Different production processes of aluminum alloy frame

Aluminum frame

Aluminum alloy frames are generally used for protection and support. For example, some electrical screens, led screens, electronic screens, photovoltaic solar glass panels, etc. will use aluminum alloy frames. The aluminum alloy frame is light and atmospheric, has high hardness, is not easy to be corroded, and has good formability. It is very popular.
Today we will classify aluminum alloy frames. Aluminum alloy frames are mainly divided into one-piece frames and aluminum profile frames. The production processes of these two frames are completely different.

1. One-piece aluminum frame

It is through the mold, the aluminum water is poured into the mold, and a complete frame can be obtained after cooling; in another case, the aluminum thick plate is used for CNC processing, and the finished aluminum frame is very delicate and beautiful, such as the aluminum frame of a mobile phone. .

2. Aluminum frame

The aluminum profile frame needs to go through a few steps. First, an aluminum rod is used to extrude a long strip of aluminum profile through a die, and then sawed and assembled into a frame; there is also a frame that is directly bent and then welded. For example, the solar frame is cut and assembled after extruding the frame profile.

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