Aluminium tv frame | What is the role of the aluminum alloy TV frame on the TV

Aluminium tv frame

Today we are talking about televisions. In recent years, there has been news about the explosion of TV sets. Why do TV sets explode so well?
It turned out that the picture tube was broken, or the high-voltage circuit and transformer were faulty, but the main reason was the poor heat dissipation of the TV, which caused local overheating and caused an explosion.
Much of the cooling of the TV still has to rely on the TV's outer frame for cooling. The casing of the TV does not appear to be an important part of the TV. In fact, the TV casing is the main part of the TV's heat dissipation. Therefore, the manufacture of TV casings is very important. The frame is made of aluminum alloy.
First of all, aluminum alloy is lightweight and flexible, and the density of aluminum alloy is very small, so it is very light to make a TV case. Secondly, the processing properties of aluminum alloys are very good, and secondary processing and bending are relatively easy.

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aluminium tv frame