2018 Guangya Exhibition|china customized heat sink

The prestigious Guangzhou International Lighting Fair will be held again on July 9-12. The exhibitions are positioned as an excellent business platform in the industry, leading the industry to explore the trends and market information of the lighting industry, and explore overseas business opportunities. Adhering to the excellent reputation, the 2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition once again brings a full range of exhibition content, and will present a series of cutting-edge technology research results to explore the infinite possibilities of the industry.

However, Xinyi Kangke Metal Products Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinyi Kangke) once again took the train to a top feast in the global industry, and Xinyi Kangke once again faced new and old customers with a brand new look. We continue to Progress, continuous improvement, in order to provide customers with better services and better products

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china customized heat sink